Slide Una bimba con vestito verdemare e una volpe rossa a fianco There is a child in everyone of us and I'm trying that my inner child can inspire me to illustrate the life in all the colors. children's   for illustration Slide Illustrazione di coniglio antropomorfo con tazze colorate sulla testa I like to draw anthropomorphic animals. Trying to let carried away by immagination, mixing, sperimenting and searching for the message they whisper to me. Wonderful characters Slide Donna con capelli rossi simili alla coda di volpe e orecchie The best way to perceive someones' soul is through a portrait. I feel onored to scrutinize someone's intimate and interpret what I feel. Portraits  portraits

Mywork process

Talk with customer

I talk with the customer to understand his needs and satisfy him in the best possible way.

I let myself be inspired

I often look for inspiration on pinterest, illustrated books, graphic novels and everything around me.

I get to work

I draw different concepts to find the one that best represents the initial idea, then develop the idea and get the final illustration.

Finished project

The idea has become reality and I can deliver the project to the customer.

Do you wanna make a project? Write me an email!

Tell me what you have in mind and together we bring your idea to life.

Lorena La Rocca con un lato della testa appoggiato sulla mano destra
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