Alexander Jansson is one of my favorite illustrators . Between fantastic atmospheres and dark and sinister colors, Jansson is inspired by the places of childhood. It was born in Uppsala, a Swedish city with the highest concentration of runestones in Scandinavia. To better understand what may have influenced his visions, I took a tour with google maps, given the limitations of the current period, nothing else can be done. Wandering through the streets and the woods, I tried to find his own atmosphere, what can I say, now I understand what inspires him. The landscapes, the light, the colors, everything I saw made me want to visit Scandinavia in person.

Returning to Jansson's illustrations, they are suspended between tender and sinister, they seem to tell mysterious fairy tales that alternate circus themes, disturbing fairy tales, stories of strange nocturnal animals and ethereal girls. A perfect combination to attract the viewer's eye and let him get lost in its atmosphere.

Somehow some of his illustrations remind me of those of Hieronymus Bosch . In some great illustrations, every little detail hides invisible worlds and sinister meanings. As for the Bosh boards, I love to get lost in the search for something hidden at the first quick glance. I recommend you do it!

Not much is known about him, but it is possible to follow him on social media. On instagram is defined like this:

“Award winning artist and illustrator of strange stuff, cute stuff, dark stuff and silly stuff.”
“Artista e illustratore pluripremiato di cose strane, cose carine, cose oscure e cose stupide.”

Alexander Jansson

I recently purchased The Cabinet of Curiosities , a four-handed book. The designs are made by Alexander Jansson , but only in black and white. Unfortunately, no volume has yet been translated into Italian, but we hope it will happen soon!

Some of his illustrations:

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  • Gabriele D'Amato
    27 April 2021

    Non lo conoscevo, molto figo.
    La città di Uppsala mi ha riportato a Simon Stalenhag, uno dei miei illustratori preferiti. Quello di Loop, dal quale hanno fatto una serie tv di amazon.

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